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Age of Light _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise Professional

منذ 3 أشهر Fashion, Home & Garden Saoula   107 الآراء

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When this huge army of abyssal creatures and elves and black spirits appeared near the Holy Mountain, all the high bishops were moved, and the whole Holy Mountain became nervous. The Eastern Great Plains and the original Harran Empire were in an emergency at the same time, and the church gods were a little confused. Should we continue to use the temple legions like those consumables to fight back, or should we use the real elite to stabilize the front? The gods quarreled endlessly in the divine realm. They were not in the mood to pay attention to the situation in the two war zones at all. Everything was left to the bishops to deal with. At this fatal moment, the bad news of Elmore's world came back! (To be continued) www. XiaoshuotXt, coM Chapter 1434 the troubled church (4). co After the awakening of the God of Soul, Sost, the son of God with sacred blood born of a human woman, was beaten out of his wits, and millions of Knights of Soul and Nightmare, as well as a small number of Knights of other temples, were destroyed by extremely brutal means. The enemy has invaded the world of Elmore, and the enemy has invaded the world of Elmore, the true headquarters of the church! What an unforgivable thing it is! How on earth did they avoid the dense boundaries of divine power outside the three abyss worlds and sneak into the real lair of the church? All kinds of bad news are coming from everywhere,smart boards for conference rooms, the gods of the church are really a bit confused, and the believers of the church are also a bit numb. They all faintly felt that this time the divine war did not seem to be so simple. The world of Elmore, the city of Soldad. This is the absolute core of the place of belief of the God of Soul. If the place of belief of the God of Soul is an empire, then Soldad is the imperial capital of this empire. This is a magnificent city that has taken tens of thousands of years to build and carve. It is a magnificent castle made by the God of soul according to the most beautiful impression in his heart. This is a city built with gray sandstone as the main material, with towering towers everywhere, and a gray soul spar of different sizes suspended on the top of all towers. These soul crystals absorb the power of belief of believers at any time and transform it into huge power stored in the crystals. These soul powers can be absorbed at will by the upper levels of the Soul Temple to enhance their power,digital touch screen board, and can also be used as the energy core of the whole city's defensive boundary. For countless years, millions of soul spars have stored huge and immeasurable energy. Once all the power of the city's soul spars erupts, according to the boast of the God of Soul, the power of the eruption is enough to kill a main God! After killing Sost, the son of God, Linzi sneaked into Soldad with Bilibili and Arda, leaving the nearly destroyed city for the Temple of Souls to wipe its ass. With Linzi's strength, no one found any traces of him at all. Standing in the tower of a mansion in the central area of Soldad, overlooking the city of Soldad with a radius of nearly a thousand miles through the French windows inlaid with large magic crystal glass, Linzi could not help sighing heavily: "The church is really great!"! Very impressive! Such a huge city, interactive digital whiteboard ,smartboards in classrooms, I really can not imagine how the city is running freely! Bilibili and Alda stood glumly aside, not understanding what Linzi was saying. Linzi looked at the two guys who were full of killing and evil, and shook his head helplessly. Soldad, a city with a radius of nearly a thousand miles, has more than 100 million inhabitants. How does it work in such a huge cityaysded in the air, and a strong wave of soul covered the whole of Soldad in an instant. Devout believers, pay attention to whether there are strangers around you! There are enemies of the gods who have infiltrated the world of Elmore. They are dangerous enemies. They are ferocious executioners. Millions of the most devout believers, your brothers and sisters,smart interactive whiteboard, have been killed by him mercilessly. "If you find any stranger, report to the Temple of the Soul immediately, and you will be blessed by God!" 。