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All-round talent (thunderstorm) Private

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-- دج

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Fu Tianhao also looked at the watch, now only less than nine o'clock, the time is really very early. He raised his eyes and looked at Qiangzi's back again, and couldn't help smiling. This method, you can also think of, it seems that their judgment is really not wrong, today this matter can succeed, Xiang Bafeng, you are finished. Calm down! Calm down! As usual, as usual As usual. How as usual? Right, according to their usual plan, now should go straight to Qin Yun. As usual,drive in racking system, as usual. Without saying a word, Fu Tianhao pushed the door open and made up his mind that this time, even if the King of Heaven Lao Tzu came, he would go to Qin Yun's side and do nothing. It was also good to smell the incense. He made it. Finally stood in front of Qin Yun, looking at Qin Yun's smile close at hand, Fu Tianhao's heart, it is more than eating more than 20 lovely but also cool. Just as he was about to speak, he saw a crutch stretched out. This is really an annoying crutch, kept shaking in front of Fu Tianhao, left and right shaking, left and right shaking, Leng is his line of sight from Qin Yun to the owner of the crutch. The owner of the crutch is Mr. Qin. Mr. Qin is so stupid Old man Qin Qin old man laughed every time, like a fox, this time is no exception: "Tianhao, what are you doing?"? So many beauties in the bosom, push back racking system ,heavy duty metal racks, still thinking about my daughter? You, you, you Your uncle There is no one who talks like you. This is not exposing all my little thoughts. You old man, you are so bad. Embarrassed, Fu Tianhao touched his nose: "No, I just want to know how her cooking is going." "Ha ha ha," Qin old man laughed three times: "Speaking of thank you, our rhyme, but now a good hand, cooking every day, I eat fat." You are so thin both horizontally and vertically. You are so thick-skinned. "We've come to thank you." Old Qin smiled and said with a straight face, "I came here specially to tell you that you have fulfilled Qin Yun's greatest wish. I want to give you an extra ten points. That is to say, you are now ahead of the other two." Your uncle Qin Yun's face suddenly red like the wine in the glass, can not help but lower his head: "Dad." "Cough" Qin old man dry cough twice: "This is nothing to be embarrassed, these days, good men always have to rob, although this woman's fate is a little bit better, finally good for women. Especially..   Quiet, charming, amorous feelings, intellectual, elegant, all the adjectives related to temperament are used on her body, do not feel excessive. The long,warehouse pallet racks, angelic face, black as a dark cloud and bright as a rainbow at the same time, made all the dressing superfluous.