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 Looking at this series of actions launched by Cummins, Xu Linyuan did not have much reflection, after all, Cummins is the world's largest independent engine manufacturer, he has nearly 90 years of development history. It is far from being comparable to the enterprise established by Xu Linyuan in less than two years. Like heavy trucks, light trucks, passenger cars, engineering vehicles, construction machinery.. Cummins has an absolute advantage in engine projects. At present, the future group is only spreading out in the fields of automobile, ship, construction machinery and so on. Although it has strong technological advantages,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, it has not yet established a strong market advantage, which needs to be accumulated slowly. He believes that one day his enterprise will become the largest engine manufacturer in the world. So Xu Linyuan did not intend to compete with Cummins for the global market at the beginning. At present, his engine has occupied a place in the automobile manufacturing industry, which is to be constantly consolidated and expanded. I stayed in Zhonghai for two days. Xu Linyuan likes the office environment of the branch here in the economic and trade building, standing on the upper floor of the building. To be able to see the bustling city scene of the whole sea, there is a sense of magnificence overlooking the common land. Chairman, these are four faxes sent by the head office,Magnesium Oxide powder, one of which is Mr. Wang's application for cooperation intention with Fiat Aide M méng Automobile Company on chain-link engine, and the feasible plan for establishing a joint venture automobile production base in Turin, Italy. "The second is a plan to establish a chain ring engine transmission and ring variable matrix lock project in Berlin, Germany, in cooperation with Volkswagen Group Porsche and BMW.." "The third is a cooperative project with General Motors Chevrolet Division to establish a chainring racing engine program in Detroit, Michigan, USA.." By the time of the fourth report, Chen Lindao looked a little strange and said, "Chairman, this fourth report is a conversation draft between the two sides during the negotiation with Toyota Motor of Japan. However, the request made by Toyota is somewhat excessive. It requires the future group to relax the policy of restricting the export supply of biological alloy steel. Moreover, their investment plan is obviously not in proportion." So Mr. Wang did not respond, so Toyota's plan still needs to be examined and approved by you.. Xu Linyuan naturally knew exactly what Toyota was up to. He took the faxes over and looked at them, but he saw one thing in common. In addition to the production license agreement, the four companies, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, General Motors of the United States, Volkswagen and BMW of Germany, and Fiat of Italy, are all seeking cooperation in nine technologies of chain-ring engines, hoping to establish enterprises through joint ventures. In the future, the group will invest 15% and 35% in technology. heir respective enterprises to provide technical support, product design optimization and other services.. Xu Linyuan can also see from the contents of these materials that Wang Ni's cooperation plan with these enterprises should be customized by Wang Ni for the purpose of his strategic layout, North America, Europe,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, Asia-Pacific, Middle East.. This network will be set up soon, hehe.