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منذ 3 أشهر Multimedia Saïda   131 الآراء

-- دج

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موقعك: Saïda
السعر: -- دج

Alone, I walked into my bedroom step by step, holding this hard-to-find Chinese parasol porcelain after the rain. I put her beside the bed and looked at her quietly. Under the repeated leaves of the Chinese parasol tree, there was a woman standing on the ground, which was  porcelain in the world. But I don't. I asked someone to go to the warehouse to select some old porcelain and send it to the government. Those porcelains are the best that the Shen family can produce now. Celadon after rain needs opportunity. And I don't want to give up this piece of Chinese parasol porcelain. Not because she is precious porcelain and reluctant to give up. Just think, how can I send Wutong away? Celadon is alive after the rain. Or, what Wutong prefers to do is to stay. I ordered people to lock the door of the ancestral temple of the Shen family, and I stopped going in to kneel down. For generations, the Shen family made a living by firing blue and white porcelain, and also took porcelain as its glory. Today, I ignore the honor of the Shen family for my own selfish interests, and I no longer have any face to kneel down and worship the ancestors of the Shen family. I still make porcelain every day, mix the mud,12 needle valve, make the embryo, color it, put it into the kiln, seal the kiln, light the fire, extinguish the fire, and take it out of the oven. I do it piece by piece. The shopkeeper said that Shen's porcelain was selling very well. I'm not as happy as I was before. When I returned to my room every night and saw the Chinese parasol tree looking at me quietly, I had no reason to rejoice. My heart,ball valve manufacturer, gradually peaceful. The Shen family has been a porcelain craftsman for generations, and it is their duty to make good porcelain. And my father and I, as well as my  hundred years has finally come true, and they are so eager to experience many disappointments with my fathers. It's not that I don't know. I also know that all this will not be so simple. The porcelain of the Shen family is unique enough, but driven by utilitarianism, stainless steel needle valve ,14 needle valve, I still can't make the best porcelain of the Shen family. That batch of blue and white porcelain taken out of the warehouse is good, but it is still not the best of the Shen family. Had it not been for someone's contribution, how could Shenjiayao have become an official kiln? It's night, heavy rain. I gently picked up the Chinese parasol tree, I looked at her face, so quiet and indifferent. The sound of rain outside the plantain curtain is urgent, and what passes in a hurry is time. In the blue and white porcelain, the face is old, only myself is old, and the beauty of the Chinese parasol tree is forever fixed in the blue and white porcelain that never fades. Wutong, look at my face. In the past two years, there are many wrinkles. Wutong, that Miss He, if I don't accept her marriage, she won't marry anyone else. Wutong, if I marry someone else, you will be very sad. But Wutong, that Miss He, how much she looks like you. 2008-5-10 19:41 Reply Drink the fog fairy Dance Lingyu 4th floor Eighteen years and eight pieces of porcelain On the day when I promised to marry Miss He, it was misty and rainy. The blue and white porcelain of the Shen family made by myself came out today. At the moment of opening the kiln, the misty rain was the thickest. This kiln porcelain, the number is not much, only eight pieces, bottles, basins, pots, pots, bowls, dishes, cups, the last one,  Eleven. The bridegroom is thirty. At the age of thirty, I finally became a bridegroom. I married a bride who looks like a Chinese parasol tree and has a temperament like a Chinese parasol tree. The Chinese parasol tree says: I help you make good porcelain, you marry me. And she said, "I don't know what I can do for you. I can only wait for you here.". Shen Jiayao became an official kiln, which was naturally the result of his father's endless waiting for his daughter. I can make good porcelain, and I know that I will make the Shen family porcelain worthy of its name. Life is so long that I can grow old alone, but I can't let the Shen family cut off the incense here. Shenjiayao will always produce the best porcelain. My Chinese parasol tree, the beautiful and emaciated woman,brass tube fitting, the beautiful Chinese parasol tree with unique decorative patterns, will eventually be placed quietly in the ancestral hall of the Shen family as a piece of blue and white porcelain. She is also my wife, quietly placed in the depths of my heart. Twelve trance gives birth to illusion. I thought I would end up like this.