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On the Cultivation of Empress by Su Xueruo Private

منذ 3 أشهر Multimedia Salah Bey   127 الآراء

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موقعك: Salah Bey
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He even eagerly leaned forward and grabbed Ah Tuan's hand and repented. I know that the previous period of time is my magic, I should not work against you, I should not calculate you, I am wrong! Will you forgive me? I will never do this again. I will obey you in everything. I will never argue with you. "I just want to stay by his side and have a look." "Third Sister, will you promise me?" A Tuan could not bear to wave away Xu Xinyao's hand and suddenly stood up from his position in disbelief. Sisters? Are we sisters like this? The Sisterhood told me to be with me when I was about to get married?! Sisterhood curses me like you can't give birth to a boy?!  came,stainless steel toilet, saw Xu Xinyao's back footsteps paused, and then hooked the corners of the mouth to come forward, after the ceremony asked with a faint smile. What are the two girls doing standing at the door? He looked back at the closed yard, and the doubts on his face did not seem to be false. Why is it closed in broad daylight? As he spoke, he was about to go up and call someone to open the door. Only then did Xu Xinyao suddenly come to her senses. Although Jiang Wanli was serving his third sister, Xu Xinyao had never forgotten his other identity! Even if today's thing is certainly not hidden from him, at least,Flush valve price, at least do not expose it to his face. Hurriedly stretched out his hand to stop her. "Third Sister said she was a little tired and was resting," he said quickly in a panic. This is full of loopholes, even if no more unintentional people, encounter such a thing today, but also can sleep peacefully? And even if the rest, but also closed the door, in broad daylight, how also closed the gate of the courtyard? Jiang Wanli, however, had no expression. He just nodded and said, "Then don't bother the girl. The slave will go in through the side door later." After a pause, he suddenly remembered and said. The slave went to the big kitchen just now. On the way, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, he saw the second girl's nurse. When did the girl's nurse come back? Why doesn't anyone know? Regardless of Xu Xinyao's suddenly more pale look, she said in a funny way, "The second girl is really true. Although she is only a wet nurse, at least she is a wet nurse. This friendship is naturally different from other slaves." "The girl should also tell her ladyship and give her a reward." Xu Xinyao's nurse suddenly returned to her hometown when she was about six or seven years old. The hand in the sleeve clenched tightly into a fist, quietly looking carefully at Jiang Wanli's expression, a school of leisure, can not see any flaws. But this is the case, Xu Xinyao is more frightened! He forced a smile. Big aunt person is good, but this is the person of the second room after all, again big credit also just is a wet nurse, do not need to make everybody know. "And the nurse is only coming back to see me this time, not for a long time." The line of sight turned to Jiang Wanli's eyes. But how did Grandfather Jiang know it was my nurse? "Grandfather Jiang was still in the palace when the nurse left." For this kind of test, Jiang Wanli is very skillful. Funny stare, shake your head directly. The girl is a master, and of course she doesn't know what a slave should do. After a  slightly trembling. What to do? The other side must know! Jiang Wanli knows, that means that His Royal Highness must know! I'm just not sure when Jiang Wanli knew that the nurse was in contact with him? Suddenly thought of the nurse had said, his mother died in another courtyard, the big aunt did not deliberately seal. Although only a few confidants on the other side of the big room knew the truth, they were all Auntie's confidants. Although some people on the other side of the second room suspected it, no one dared to say anything on their own side. Regardless of those people, when Niang died, the prince had already been in contact with this side. In other words, the prince is also aware of this matter? His heart suddenly beat wildly,Self-closing Shower Valve, his face was white and his hands trembled, and the cup with white porcelain and blue bottom fell down and broke into pieces. Tea splashed on the skirt, but Xu Xinyao had no scruples at all. They even pose holding a cup.