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The maid of honor is the queen Private

منذ شهر Fashion, Home & Garden Baraki   46 الآراء

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موقعك: Baraki
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 Fu Qiaoyan really did not look carefully at the regulations of the warm hat, called Ming Qin such a reminder, only to find some differences. The hat in Zhong Qian's hand was obviously for her sacrifice. Fu Qiaoyan's hand, hidden in her sleeve, clenched tightly into a fist. She tried to make herself look indifferent, but the slightly raised corners of her mouth still showed her good mood. "Thanks for your hard work, Aunt Zhong." Her voice fell, and Mingqi went out to prepare the reward. Before she was busy walking,horse weight tape, Zhong Qian pointed to the four people in the small palace standing behind her and said, "Your Majesty asked the empress to prepare a few more for her daily use, so that her ears would not be frozen when she went to the Cining Palace to wait on her." Fu Qiaoyan looked carefully and found that the four roofs were very simple, without so many glittering decorations. It's warm and practical. It's really for her to use in private. She smiled this time and praised her: "It's really good." The warm hat used on weekdays has brocade cotton and mink hair, which feels soft and slippery, and looks very warm. Fu Qiaoyan asked Mingqin to put away the sacrificial hat carefully before continuing to study. Busy things at the end of the year have already been arranged, the charcoal fire for winter clothes has long been finished,Fish measuring board, the fire prevention and water storage matters in each palace have just been finished, and the menu and repertoire of the palace banquet have been checked with the two empresses and sent to the Shanggong Bureau for preparation. She has been busy for more than half a month, and now she can relax and have a good time in the palace for a few days. In the past, I felt that the days were leisurely and I always wanted to find something for myself, but now I have more things to do, but I like the time when I am busy. The good days had not passed for two days, and when he went to the Cining Palace to accompany the empress to study on the third day, Fu Qiaoyan knew that the imperial concubine had some cold and had been lying down for two days. Fu Qiaoyan's face suddenly sank. Shen Fu was now standing outside the imperial concubine's bedroom. Seeing that she didn't look well, he quickly explained, "Don't worry, Empress Chen. She enjoyed the flowers in the garden the day before yesterday. The imperial physician also said that she could recover after a few days of self-cultivation." Fu Qiaoyan frowned and looked very serious. The empress is sick. Why didn't you let me know? "If I had known two days earlier, I could have come and served the empress for a few days." Shen Fu hurriedly gave her a salute, the first time to see her angry, unexpectedly some surprised. When the empress smiled, Pi tape measure ,Wheel tape measure, she was so kind that she had no temper at all, but the way she spoke with a cold face was somewhat similar to that of the imperial concubine when she was young. I've really been around the empress, and I'm a little angry. It's all the same, not angry but powerful. Back to the words of Empress Chen, the Empress said that you were busy with that thing, so it was not good to disturb you. Besides, there were so many servants in the Hall of Peace, and they could always serve the Empress well. Fu Qiaoyan sighed: "The empress is kind, but we have to work hard."  Fu Qiaoyan arranged this matter, then rearranged his clothes and motioned Shen Fu to go into the bedroom with her. No matter how broad-minded and fat the imperial concubine is, she is also an elderly person. As the saying goes, illness comes like a mountain and goes like a thread. The illness has been very sad for two or three days. As soon as Fu Qiaoyan went in, she saw that her face was yellow, her lips were white, and she was lying there motionless with her eyes closed. She suddenly red eyes, gently walked to the bedside, did not dare to disturb him, only let the palace people move the stool to guard again. Probably originally also did not sleep soundly,Walking tape measure, Shu too the imperial concubine faintly turns to wake up, turns the head to see her sitting on the edge of the bed to shrivel the mouth to look at oneself. Shu Tai's imperial concubine laughed at once. Little girl, you're angry with me. She said hoarsely. Fu Qiaoyan turned his head to one side and gave a hard "hum".